Turner & Pease - Quality Butter Products

Turner & Pease Company has been in business since 1902. Originally incorporated as Miller, Reed, Pease Company, the name was changed to Turner & Pease Company in 1910. H.E. Turner became the first generation of Turners to ascend to President in 1907. Since then, and four generations later, a member of the Turner family has served as President.

In 1919, W.M. Pease ‘retired’ because he and Mr. Turner had different philosophies on how to run the business. As the legend goes, Mr. Pease kept the booze in the safe and the money in the drawer. Although Pease was out of the business, the name of the company remained the same.

Throughout the years Turner & Pease has gone through many changes. Besides butter, the product line has varied quite a bit. Through it all, Turner & Pease has built a reputation of quality, integrity, and dependability in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.